A Rant : “The Speech Cliché”

We've all seen the scene before. It's the end of the movie, the bride and groom are standing before the priest, ready to exchange their vows, and then he asks the question -   If anyone here has any reason why these two shouldn't be joined together as man and wife, speak now or forever hold your peace...   For a few seconds, the church is quiet. The bride and groom look round at the people gathered to celebrate and wonder whether someone's going to fuck things up. And then suddenly, someone crashes through the church doors. His/her clothes are bashed up, because she had run all the way.

  From Where I Stood, You Were All I Could See

The door stands innocently before her. It must have been dark green once, but years of neglect have left a faded,  pale shade in its place. She reaches for the door knob with one hand, the other adjusting her bag strap. The key jams in the lock for a few seconds before she remembers that it had always needed the extra tug. The door creaks loudly as she pushes against it, the familiar scent of the living room wrapped up in musky undertones. Light barely gets through the worn out curtains, hanging at the windows. It's the same ones, she thinks idly. She remember picking them out excitedly.  The landlord had covered the meager furniture in the room, and as she passes by the sofa, she runs her hands over the thin plastic. Her palm comes back caked in dust. She grimaces at it, reaching into her purse with the other hand, wondering why she even did it in the first place. She tries to ignore the way she can almost hear his voice behind her.