“Clean Up Your Room!”

I’m not a messy person naturally. At least, I don’t think I am. But over a few months, I started slipping up, and it began as most habits do…. with a shrug and “nahhh, I’ll get to that later”.

I would leave dirty plates of a dinner before for the next day. I would rush off to school, bed undressed and sometimes, with bathing towel and robe still on said bed. After classes, jeans and bag were thrown on the “chair” ( self-described by my friend, Rasine, as the chair we randomly dump stuff on) to be put away later . And on, and on..

Unfortunately, this seeped into my daily life. The sloppiness. I would put assignments off till the last-minute, take f o r e v e r to put away my laundry, or even get my laundry done. Plates would pile up before I got to them, and my diet suffered. It was basically a roller-coaster of shitty decisions, that I had willfully gotten on, and was fast losing control over. I’m not naturally untidy (is anyone?), but I was cultivating the habit.

Clean up your room!

Those were the words of renowned clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson in one of his lectures I had stumbled onto his videos on YouTube (due to my watching a previous one of his that had gone viral). It was straightforward, and concise and a sort of blow to my lack of self-awareness of my acceptance of my bad habits, or worse, i was aware of it, but refused to work towards changing them.
Kernels of truth from one his lectures :
1) Clean up your room . Organize your local landscape.

This is one of my major tasks this year. Being more mindful of my space and keeping it tidy. And I’ve noticed, the more i practised this. The better off my mindset was for whatever tasks I had for the day, and when I didn’t.. Well, if you’ve visited my room on a Saturday and seen me in my pj’s watching random videos on YouTube and looking miserable. This is why. It seems like a small change, but believe me, it’s not.
2) Schedule your time. 
Ah, this one needs more work. I’m currently working on having tasks that I want to accomplish and writing them down, but having a time scheduled day is not a current thing for me. But, the first day I consciously monitored my social media usage, (and it was a l o t), i decided that this was definitely a useful skill.
3) Stop saying and doing things that make you feel weak
“Self depreciation” is a topic I plan on unpacking in a later post, as I am a repeat offender. But yes, right now, stop saying and doing things that make you feel weak.

I’m not near perfect. And I’m not trying to be. I just had lunch, so the plate is on the table next to me as I’m writing this (the idea of the post came to me then, and I didn’t want to put it off. Lol, okay… But i am going to wash right after I schedule this post 🙇). But I’m starting where I can, and doing what I can. And I believe the same for you, dear reader.

Personally, I need to listen to his lectures a few times over to, because there’s usually a lot to unpack and go through, so here is a link to the video I curated for this post. It’s a short four-minute video addressing the topic of this post, and I think you should watch it.

I plan on doing more posts like this, where I talk from a personal point of view based on experiences, books, videos, and all. If you enjoy content like these, I’d love feedback from you, by subscribing to the blog &/or leaving your opinions in the comments.

Thanks a lot for reading, and before I go…

Go clean up your room!

8 thoughts on ““Clean Up Your Room!”

  1. MillennialMerit

    Peterson’s advice is so benign and average, most are things you’d probably hear from your parents. However, coming from him, they all take on new meaning, especially when he explains why they’re good for you in the long run.

    Liked by 1 person

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